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Clear Skies - from Mental Blurriness to Clarity / Ulrica Norberg

LECTURE:  We humans are highly influenced by internal patterns and external requirements as well as ideas on how to be and not to be. What do we see as strength and weakness? Individually and culturally and are they owning us? Why is it so easy to get started on criticism? How do we hinder ourselves from being owned by thoughts and instead stem from that deeper inner strenght? 

Within yoga there is a term called kaivalya meaning "space from the mind" and when we can achieve the mental state we can use the mind without the mind using us. To get there we have to go on a cut path, like orientation and take a step at a time. To find our core, our soft spot. Where we live. The place of power. Our individuality. What does yoga's philosophy and methodology say about how we get there? Must everyone go the same way? How do you know that you get closer? Ulrica will outline a few ideas on how to reach clarity and inner balance with the help of yogic tools as well as other life wise aspects that can help us grow into who we really are.

No matter where you are - this lecture is something for those who are interested in not surviving life without experiencing it and maybe more than that - LIVE life.