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Sacred Chants - Vibrate the Cosmos / Noora Lintukangas

MANTRA WORKSHOP: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” We create our reality through our words - also in this mantra workshop. All sounds are energy, they start a motion that continues forever. 

 Ancient mantras are an essential part of many yoga traditions. In this morning session we will resite mantras from the kundalini yoga tradition, in Sanskrit and Gurmukhi. You are welcomed to join the workshop whether you know these mantras already or you are a total beginner. You can just listen or join the chant.  Sacred chants resonate in our bodies and make us vibrate in a certain way. Mantras can work as a specific medicine for a particular trouble, they can make the energy flow more fluent, calm down or cheer up.

 Our vibratory rate affects not only our own well-being and level of consciousness but also other people around us. There are many ways to raise our vibration, but chanting mantra is a very effective one. Mantras are powerful reminders of your true identity, while Ang Sang Waheguru; every cell in body is dancing.