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SUN / Extra Workshop / YANGYIN / Slow Yoga Teaching / Ulrica Norberg

Sunday 20th October 2019 / 2,5 hours private workshop for advanced practitioner & teacher level 

YANGYIN/ SLOW yoga teaching

Let's slow down to find the honest moment, the happy and curious thoughts, and discover that our soul is such a fantastic roommate to live with. In this workshop, Ulrica will cover much information about how we can yoke the active with the passive in new ways and what benefits that come out of that as well as what to consider when teaching classes like yin and restorative. When it comes to allowing the students to get inbound and attentive and not closed off. How we can inspire to restore in a safe, pedagogic fashion. 

Things that will be covered in this workshop: 

  • How to create a true shift via yoga teaching and what are the most important principles and methods, when teaching yin yoga / restorative classes. 

  • What makes yin yoga is so powerful. What is the aim in teaching yin yoga?

  • What makes a good yin yoga teacher? How a teacher makes sure that s/he has the energetic principles following along besides the outer asana/alignnment work. 

  • How do we follow the principles of yogic and taoist thought and what does it mean to be an authentic teacher? What does that really mean.. and what is the fine line between personal or being too private? 

Come and join Ulrica for this life and career changing workshop. You might not ever see your yoga teaching the same anymore…