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Athlete's Prehab / Rehab / Lotta Kupiainen

PRACTICE: This class is based on yoga, but targeted to serve as a tool to prepare athlete’s body to stand strong and mobile when facing the challenges of weight training, endurance sports (like running, swimming and cycling), martial arts, climbing and racket sports. The focus is on preparing the body’s core to be strong enough compared to the limbs, so that the movement starts from the center. And then to build up balanced front/back muscle tones and left/right strength so that spine stays healthy. 

Class will consist of parts that concentrate on certain body parts and sports in which those body parts are in bigger stress (like wrists and shoulders in weight training and racket sports) and muscle balance problems (like internal rotators of the shoulder joint being too strong and tight compared to external rotators amongst for instance climbers and handstanders).

Taking care of the ideal joint space and sufficient space for nerves in athlete’s body when planning and doing the training can save a lot of money and wear and tear of body. That’s why PREHAB is the best choice, REHAB is the second best to insure that the problems won’t reoccur. This class offers tools for the yoga teachers who aspire to help athlete's or who are athlete's themselves to understand better and to be able to enhance the training of an athlete.