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Transform Your Astanga Arm Balances / Magnus Appelberg

PRACTICE: Keeping up a steady ashtanga practice means that you balance your weight on your arms a numerous amount of times. Starting from every chaturanga and all the way to a full handstand your palms, wrists, elbows and shoulder joints are sharing the load of your weight. The tricky and interesting part is how to distribute this weight evenly through all the joints and all the way into your very core in the most efficient way without overloading any single joint. How can we brake old patterns to find stronger ways to carry ourselves through the practice?

Welcome to shift your weight distribution in different ways to promote stability and heal old wears and tears of your wrists, elbows and shoulder joints. We will do an intensive led practice, cherry picking asanas that challenge your arm balances to find new ways of carrying our weight. Lets transform our practice into a stable and painfree one!